Internet Marketing Strategies

Internet marketing, sometimes referred to as web or online marketing is becoming the most common method of selling products or services using the world wide web. The Internet has brought media to an international mass audience and advertising is no longer fixed to just television, radio, magazine or newspaper outlets.

The power of Internet marketing, in recent times, uses a multitude of media rich content, which makes the online experience far more interactive and attractive to the potential customer.

Marketing Delivery Methods

Delivery of Internet marketing content is a rapidly growing industry, utilising web-browsers, e-mail, and wireless mobile web applications. Web technologies such as, adobe flash, java and the more recent html 5, are used to create media rich content, like banner adverts, interactive and immersive websites, video or audio content and even java based computer games. Recent announcements at Apple have revealed iAd, a new advertising platform within iPhone/iPad applications, which is claiming to combine the emotive aspects of TV advertising mixed with web interactivity for maximum impact.

Business Models

There are several business models in use today for Internet marketing. The most common ones are:

e-commerce - Where goods are sold directly to consumers or businesses via online secure banking methods, usually via a built in website store or a 3rd party banking company, such as PayPal or WorldPay.

Publishing - The sale of advertising using different online methods.

Lead-Based websites - These are companies that generates value for another company by acquiring sales leads and database information from their own websites.

Affiliate Program: Where a product or service developed by one company is sold on to the consumer by another specialist company for a percentage of the profits.

Local Internet Marketing: Where a locally based company which normally sells ‘belly to belly’ to it’s customers and utilises the Internet to nurture relationships with their customers and help spread the word.

BlackHat Marketing: This is a form of internet marketing which uses underhand techniques such as deceptive, abusive, or less than truthful methods to drive internet traffic to a website or affiliate marketing offer. This method includes spam, hiding within search engine result pages, or routing users to pages they didn't initially ask for.

Search Engine Marketing

Another way of pushing advertising to the web user, is via the use of search engine adverts. These are ‘intelligent’ keyword marketing techniques, based on what was searched for initially and lists sponsored adverts alongside the main results.

E-Mail Marketing

Another similar advertising targeting method is used by some well known web-mail service providers, the users e-mails are used extract advert suggestions based on the content of the text within the e-mail.

Positives and Negatives

The main goal with Internet marketing is to reach a mass audience with minimal cost to businesses. The ratio of Cost Vs Reach is the key to success in all companies. It is the future of affordable advertising, while companies can keep in close contact with their customers on a one to one level and also use web statistics to help with forecasting. The positives far outweigh the negatives, but there are holes in the method; consumers who prefer to see, smell, and touch products they buy. Internet security is also a major issue with customers who have doubts about putting their bank.